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The 5SHH® model is unique: In addition to the common steps of traditional Headhunting (search and selection), we’ve included 2 previous steps in order to thoroughly know the organization, define the Profiles in terms of executive search, and finally we’ve added a post-recruitment stage: the Onboarding of the new team member.







1. Discovery

Every executive search starts with a deep analysis of the company.


  • Having excellent knowledge of how the business is managed.

  • Discerning the different styles of leadership and management, the corporate culture, the human resources management model, the marketing and business strategy: everything that makes this company a very unique and particular organization.

  • Being sensitive to the current work environment.

  • Knowing at which stage of its life cycle the organization is.

3. Executive Search

Each process is UNIQUE, without using online employment bureau or data base, but with new candidates using our own and exclusive means and resources.


  • As Experts in Networking and social networks, we use the most innovative channels to find and invite our candidates.

  • As members of Chambers of Commerce and International Associations specialized in different sectors, our approach is precise and discreet in the search for Talents.

  • As part of our search guide and in order to seduce the candidate, we build the “speech” about the company and the importance of the position in the organization ; the expectations for this position, measurable results and the growth and development perspective.

2. Profiling

Defining the Profile based on Responsibilities, Behavior and Skills.


  • Through the Innermetrix® System, we create a specific matrix of personal soft-skills and competences required for the position.

  • Defining the suitable behavioral and leadership style for the job considering the implied responsibilities, the role, the functions and above all the work environment.

  • Defining the drivers and motivational dimensions for an adequate performance in the position.

4. Selection

The most complete psycho-professional analysis on the market!

  • The robustness and reliability of the 5SHH® model are based on rationality, objectivity and accuracy of its selection process:

  • After a thorough analysis of resumes and before any personal interview, the pillar of our selection process is psycho-professional and skill analysis.

  • We use the ADVanced Insight® Profile of Innermetrix® to measure the three dimensions of talent in a single online application:

  1. Behavior

  2. Motivators 

  3. Competencies

5. Onboarding

The integration of the new member within the team and organization.


  • In addition to knowing the new member, the knowledge of his/her coworkers, team members, bosses, peers, and/or subordinates is crucial for an effective communication.

  • Thanks to a "preventive" team building of the team, the Onboarding allows to break the ice, measuring and presenting the different behavioral and communication styles of team members.


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