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“A successful headhunting mission isn´t the result of luck, nor a large social circle or a good database; it´s a deep and precise knowledge of the two parties which will come together: the organization and the person.”


Olivier Rodney | CEO & Founder

About Us
5 Steps Headhunting

The 5SHH® model created by Olivier Rodney and applied by its partners is the most effective on the market, crossing a deep needs analysis with a process based on modern search and selection tools.


With 15 years of experience providing solutions to the experts in Talents search and selection, from independent Headhunters to the largest international firms, Olivier Rodney, MBA in Marketing, has analyzed and identified needs not yet met.


Most of the headhunting firms are used to focus their efforts 80% on the search and 20% on the selection, without considering the true analysis of the contracting company and the effective integration of the person within the organization.


The 5SHH® model proposes 2 steps prior to the search and selection, and a post-recruitment step dedicated to get the person onboard and integrate him/her within his/her working team, which will welcome the "new acquisition".

Cutting Edge Tools

The strength and reliability of the 5SHH® model are based on the rationality, objectivity and precision of its selection process:


After a thorough CV analysis and before any personal interview, the foundation of our selection process is the three-dimensional psycho-professional analysis.

5SHH® uses in its process the powerful ADVanced Insights® tool from Innermetrix® to measure in a single online application, the three dimensions of human Talent:

  • Behavior 

  • Motivators 

  • Soft-Skills

The depth of its 70 pages report allows us to obtain very accurate and detailed information about the candidate: 


  • What he/she knows

  • What he/she wants

  • What he/she can do


The ADVanced Insights® profile also has the peculiarity of adjusting and selecting the required Competences for the job and adapts to all types of Profile thanks to an modern and smart system, the Attribute Index® of Innermetrix®, which has 78 eligible competences.


Conscious and attentive to the time and comfort of our candidates, the application is 100% online, from anywhere and takes only 30 minutes.

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